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ExyData for Observability: The hawk-eyed guardian of your systems

After constructing your architecture and developing your applications, with data flowing through every component like the lifeblood of your business, maintaining effective observability becomes crucial. It acts as a vigilant guardian, ensuring the overall system remains in a healthy state.


Get the real metrics of what's going on is critical to understanding your systems. ExyData provides a number of options for logging including Grafana Loki, Fluentd, and more.


Data Warehousing

ExyData provides a resilient data pipeline to help you effectively utilize and process that data. We provide a number of data storage options like InfluxDB, QuestDB, TimescaleDB, and more.

Monitoring and Alerting

Get insights of how your apps and servers are performing. Don't drive blind, get alerts when things go wrong. Grafana as part of the ExyData platform provides a number of data visualization options to help you get the most out of your data.

No vendor lock-in

ExyData is built on open source software and we really believe that the data is yours. We provide a number of options for data storage and visualization so you can choose the best option for your needs.